Sonatina Hero Black Red Plaid Bootie

Sonatina Hero Black Red Plaid Bootie

Finding the perfect booties is a distinctively personal experience. I love this time of year. I love a cup of hot chai pumpkin spice tea ☕, the brisk morning air when I force myself to the gym 🏋️‍♀️ at 630 am when it is still dark outside and the colorful leaves on the ground. All my summer clothes are packed away (Okay that was a lie, they will be packed away real soon) and my sweaters and leggings are coming out. My favorite time for fashion starts now. Plus…it is time to get my booties game in check. ✔

Trendy ➕ Quality Leather ➕ Made in Italy = THE ULTIMATE FAVORITE BOOTIE.

It’s not an ordinary bootie. That’s why I love it. 🖤

It’s a combination of style and sass. A classic style with a modern twist.

Shop away. You’ll thank me on Thanksgiving. 🎃