Stepping into Spring 2020

As New Yorkers know, winter literally just started now that the Spring collections have been arriving in store. (Yes there were snow flurries just yesterday)

Those boots that were purchased back in August can finally be worn, unfortunately your child's foot already grew out of it. But don't worry all the boots are now on sale, but on actual clearance.

Back to the new summer collections that are now in store.

Just yesterday on President's day we received 4 new shipments.

TNY hit our shop and as usual our custom shoes have the boldest soles, made exclusively for us.

Andanines- this brand is a lot more affordable and the quality is just as good.

Confetti is always known for the latest trends.

Natives our 2nd drop of the season arrived with a total design and colors, simple yet popping.

Dou Uod is an Italian brand always on point with the sock sneakers.

We'd like to welcome Dulis to our shop. This brand is for anyone with a discerning eye and dares to be different.

Salt Water Sandals is a win every summer, I even ordered a pair for myself. They are priced well and are waterproof.

Mini Melissa is every little kid's dream. They have this fruity scent, and the Elsa style has been the hit so far this season.

I have no words for Hoo, each pair is more beautiful than the next.

Papanatas is always the first to deliver and the first to sell out. For those who missed our first shipment, we will be restocking on our favorites.

Pepe' is unique. An Italian fashion brand with a one of kind style that no brand can compare. Each pair is delicate, with an old world upper class vibe.

Now for the Ladies, so far we have the sleekest selection from LMDI. They are so soft and buttery, sells out season after season.

Esporre just a arrived with stylish  sneakers and dress shoes.

Slides from Atlanta Mocassin are for those who crave comfort but still want to look dressed.

There are so many brands that have yet to come. Each pair of shoes is a work of art, hand made in Europe.