Our Story

Esther, CEO


Laced Shoe is a place where every shoe tells a story.
As a young child I was very tall for my age, with a large sized foot.  Online shopping was not available at the time and so my mom would go from store to store and flip through every shoe catalog trying to find an age-appropriate shoe for me. But with no luck! 
Life took its turns and I was presented with the opportunity to create a shoe business where I could make all the decisions- from designing the shoes to handpicking the size ranges! Since I started Laced Shoe, it has been a dream come true, where my inner child comes to play through each shoe selection. 
Our shoes are more than just footwear. They are a celebration of childhood, designed with lively kid-friendly colors, designs, and patterns in mind. I select, together with Avigayil materials and styles with care to create a collection that reflects beauty for all ages.
When you walk into Laced Shoe, you will feel enchanted by a selection that will capture your heart from the first sight! 
We invite you to rediscover your inner child! Accept the delight of discovering the right pair that not only fits but also makes you feel good about what you are wearing. Our passion is to make every step an adventure, where comfort meets style and every shoe tells a tale of happiness. So come into Laced Shoe where growing feet never looked so chic!
 Avigayil, Manager
Shoes were my greatest passion while growing up in Milwaukee…I had a collection that filled two over-the-door shoe holders!
Today, I get to apply that same passion while working at Laced Shoe where I assist consumers in finding shoes that are not only stylish, but also have the perfect fit. I understand the importance of well-fitting shoes and I am dedicated to helping you find just the right pair!
I especially enjoy the hustle of busy seasons at Laced Shoe…even when it might interfere with my other passion which is cooking. When I'm not assisting customers, I'm in my kitchen creating the perfect dish!
Whether it’s for a new pair of sneakers for the gym or a pair of gorgeous flats to turn heads, come visit us at Laced Shoe so I can help you with the ideal fit!
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